Alchemy Bake Lab: a Whimsical Treat Dealer Katy TX

Alchemy Bake Lab, a locally-owned bakery, located near the master-planned community of Elyson, is a must-visit spot in Katy, combining the allure of historical charm with the delight of perfectly balanced, handcrafted desserts. The bakery specializes in custom desserts, mini-desserts, cakes, and dessert bars. This “dessert apothecary” themed bakery is dark and sultry, featuring 19th-century antique furniture, books, and decor.

A Vision from Childhood

Owner Kady Miller’s passion for baking started young. She began selling homemade muffins at recess in the second grade, dreaming of one day opening her own bakery. The recipes she uses today are decades-old, perfected over the years as she experimented with dessert-making.

From Home Bakery to Brick-and-Mortar

Miller moved to Texas in 2014 to start her first bakery from home, taking advantage of the state’s generous cottage laws. Without the capital to open a full bakery, she relocated her family from New England to Texas. The booming Texas wedding industry helped Alchemy Bake Lab gain initial success, with Miller specializing in dessert bars that offered a visually appealing alternative to traditional wedding cakes.

During COVID-19, the mini-dessert business model kept her afloat. She promoted her mini-desserts on social media, offering no-contact delivery, and saw a surge in orders. This success led to the opening of her brick-and-mortar bakery.

The Whimsical Mini Treat Dealer

Miller describes Alchemy Bake Lab as “the sexiest bakery ever,” with its unique 1800s Dickensian aesthetic. The bakery features vintage books, mostly from the 1800s or earlier, and a collection of intriguing antiques.

The menu inclues Glitter Cake Pops, Black Velvet Crème Brulee Cake, and outrageous from-scratch renditions of classics like Oreos and Rice Krispie Treats.

Breakfast Delights and Custom Coffees

Alchemy Bake Lab offers more than just sweet treats. Their breakfast options, including ham and cheese croissants, pair perfectly with locally roasted coffees from Tenfold Coffee in the Heights. Miller crafts her own coffee syrups for unique flavoring, adding to the bakery’s distinctive charm and setting it apart from other dessert shops.

Wedding cakes and other custom cakes will be made to order. For custom cake orders, Miller personally handles each request, ensuring a personal touch for special occasions.

A Perfect Date Night Spot

Aside from being a breakfast and custom cake shop; it’s also a fantastic date night destination. Guests can bring their own beverages to enjoy alongside the bakery’s delicious offerings.

A Dream Come True

This bakery is a dream come true for owner Kady Miller, who has built up a thriving cottage business since 2019, churning out more than 100 wedding cakes a year from her home in Cypress. Born in England, Kady moved to the Boston area when she was four. She found her love for baking at an early age, making and selling homemade blueberry muffins in the second grade.

Education and Expansion

She majored in baking and pastry at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island and earned a marketing degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Determined to launch her own bakery, Kady moved to Texas in 2014 because it is one of the few states with a cottage food law that allows people to prepare certain foods in a residential home.

Kady recalls, “We launched our cottage baking business right before the pandemic, and our customers in Katy and Cypress supported us through those difficult times.

My Experiences

I visited Alchemy Bake Lab in December of 2023 for an event with the NBCO, and let me tell you, it was an experience to remember. The front person made a beautiful tray of desserts for the guests that fit my budget perfectly. It was bougie, within my budget, and so good. My personal favorite was the coffee bar. I had my guests go up and order their own coffee with our prepared dessert tray that included oatmeal pies, lemon pies, Rice Krispie treats, key lime pies, gingerbread cookies, and more. My guests still comment about how good our spread was, and I couldn’t agree more. It was perfect for ME, and I can’t wait to do it all again!


Alchemy Bake Lab is situated at 6845 Peek Road in the Co-Op at Elyson development, which also houses new businesses like the Ballet Elle dance academy.

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